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S3 Program Sponsors

Professional Associations and Societies

These institutions understand that the credibility, promotion and growth of their respective professions hinge, in part, on supporting the success of their membership who work in both wage-earner and business owner models. S3 is the perfect resource for enabling leaders of professional associations and societies to better achieve their respective missions. Contact us to learn more.

Government Institutions or Government-Funded Not-For-Profits

There are many entities whose mission includes worker re-employment, business financing, or re-training that improves the ability of individuals to earn a living. S3 tailors entrepreneurial training programs specific to the needs of each sponsoring entity and delivers the business ownership skills to people who can apply what they learn immediately, often before the training is complete. If your organization’s key performance indicators include how many clients start earning sustainable income and how quickly your clients achieve associated status, S3 can support your organization’s success! Contact us to learn more.

Educational Institutions

High schools, community colleges, and university systems are all vested in helping students achieve success in life as self-assured, income-earning adults. S3 can partner with your institution by delivering programs during which students learn – and retain – the very real and tangibly different skill set called “business ownership.” Beyond just thinking entrepreneurially, S3 teaches students how to engage the world around them in an effort to transition ideas in to an actual money-making venture.

Students of S3 training programs typically come away with one of two outcomes after attending a S3 Start0Up program: either their respective passions are ignited and a new business is formed, or they develop confidence and peace-of-mind that business ownership is a legitimate and “doable” option for the future if they so choose. Contact us to learn more.

Economic Development Institutions

All corporate leaders recognize the value of a vibrant and growing business community and stewardship in the communities from which their respective work forces and customers are found. Chambers of Commerce and state/regional economic development institutions channel corporate resources to this end. S3 Start-Up programs are focused on achieving the goal of delivering practical real-world business success skills to individuals pursuing successful business ownership – a goal entirely consistent with the mission of economic development institutions!

S3 delivers complementary “upstream” services in contrast with the traditional entrepreneurial community development programs focused on technology start-ups, angel and private equity financed start-up and growth initiatives, or resource support for the long-term or serial entrepreneur. Graduates of S3 Start-Up Programs are most often wage-earners who learn how to quickly launch and succeed in business ownership with little or no financing; and ultimately, pursue the existing entrepreneurial development and financing programs in place to grow a large and energized entrepreneurial community! Contact us to learn more.

Companies, Outplacement or Re-employment Services

Companies generally offer (or want to offer) outplacement and re-employment services to employees whose employment is terminated. S3 can partner with your company or contracted outplacement firms to help achieve goals of being a responsible community steward and complying with applicable laws and regulations. We do so by delivering programs that enable separated employees to pursue business ownership as a viable option for earning a living. Contact us to learn more.

S3 Consulting Clients

Single-Owner Businesses

Congratulations! You’ve launched your very own business and the march toward success – as only YOU can define it – is underway. Your business will go through the stages of thrive, growth, sustain, and transition. Regardless of the stage in which your business operates, S3 has consultants who can provide guidance and keep you on track to achieve your vision of success. Contact us to learn more.

Companies, B2B/Professional Services Supply Chain

The S3 Services Supply Chain Practice reduces clients’ labor costs without sacrifice to achievement of corporate goals. Medium-to-large companies include in their labor mix the use of contracted and out-sourced labor to perform non-core services (e.g., office-cleaning), or core services during peak workloads. Much of the best talent to provide these services is in the form of single-owner businesses who may not know how to efficiently do business with your firm.

S3 Services Supply Chain Practice provides business clients with consultants who will analyze your labor mix and B2B/professional services supply chain, assess your business relationships with contractor firms, help implement changes to reduce process/program costs, and gain you valuable access to the talent out there who are “going it alone”! S3 performs outreach services, certification training to individuals who want to do business with you, and efficient contractor relationship management activities that maintains your access to talent when you need it, at least-cost, and keeps that talent certified to do business with you. Contact us to learn more.

Companies Unleashing Employee Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Markets and the pace of business move faster every day. Many medium and large corporations struggle with the pressing need to tap their employees’ abilities to think entrepreneurially and innovate in a manner that supports – rather than conflicts with – the achievement of corporate goals and business strategies. S3 Corporate Entrepreneurship Practice provides business clients with the organizational design/development, coaching and training, and work process support that enables executives to retain talent, improve speed to market, and maintain a competitive advantage in this ever-changing market place. Contact us to learn more.


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